This Attic Insulation Preparation lesson describes the steps insulators should take before installing attic insulation.  Before insulators install attic insulation, they need to prepare the attic. If they don’t prepare the attic, the attic will waste energy and potentially create safety hazards.

The following will be covered in this lesson:

  • How attic features can promote good ventilation, fire safety, and energy efficiency.
  • Examples of poor attic preparation and its detrimental effects.

This lesson is approved for .75 BPI CEUs.

Effort hours: 1.5

This Deep Energy Retrofit Envelope lesson will go over when a deep energy retrofit is being done a building, there's an opportunity to greatly imporove the building's envelope.

The following topics will be covered:

  • How to determine the importance of the envelope in a deep energy retrofit, and how much to spend on it.
  • How to create a continuous thermal envelope with targeted air sealing and thermal breaks.
  • Choosing the best options for insulation and windows.

This lesson is approve for .70 BPI CEUs.

Effort hours: 1.4

This Deep Energy Retrofit Planning lesson will discuss the best time to do a deep energy retrofit is during a planned renovation. Planning is an important part of any deep energy retrofit project. Sometime deep energy retrofits involve stripping the finish materials back to the framing. Deep energy retrofits are those that make dramatic improvements to a building resulting in large reductions in energy consumption and noticeable improvements in comfort, health, and safety. .

The following topics will be covered: 

  • How to decide if a deep energy retrofit is more suitable than a conventional retrofit.
  • Deep energy retrofit sequence and planning.
  • How to estimate energy savings and return on investment.
  • Special climate considerations for building systems.

This lesson is approved for .85 BPI CEUs.

Effort hours: 1.7